Latest news

Radio detection has great potential to cross-calibrate cosmic-ray detectors worldwide, as we show in a recent article accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters.

I have written a comprehensive review article about radio detection of cosmic rays for Physics Reports. Have a look at the arXiv or on the PLREP webpage.

The results of the SLAC T-510 experiment have been accepted for publication in PRL. Have a look at the arXiv or the journal webpage.

A high-precision analysis of LOFAR published in Nature has revealed a strong component of light particles in the energy range from 1017 to 1017.5 eV. Particle identification from the radio measurements relied on simulations with CoREAS.

We have published an article on the use of radio pulses from commercial airplanes to achieve a nanosecond-level time synchronization for antennas of AERA. Check it out on the arXiv or the JINST webpage.